Aviation Industry

  1. Provide a comprehensive analysis of the state-of-the-art in 2020 for all relevant components of the fuselage, empennages and subsystems.
  2. Identify and present an innovative, comprehensive fuselage and empennage design, tailored to the envisioned concept for hybrid-electric regional (HER) aircraft.
  3. Create and showcase innovative methods to enhance the structural and aerodynamic capabilities.
  4. Demonstrate the maturity and performance of the fuselage and empennages design at TRL 5 for major components or assemblies.
  5. Deliver a roadmap towards fuselage full-scale demonstration including empennage and part of cabin and cargo to TRL 6 at aircraft level following new certification.
  6. Propose a certification and qualification plan that is suitable for HER aircraft.
  7. Deliver digital twins and assess the lifespan of all components, subsystems, and full fuselage systems that align with the reference aircraft digital framework and requirements.


  1. Demonstrate a reduction in fuel burn of at least 8% for the integrated fuselage and empennage.
  2. Demonstrate potential weight reduction of at least 8% for  fuselage, and empennage.

Global influence

HERFUSE holds the transformative potential to revolutionize the global aviation landscape. In a conservative estimate, replacing 75% of the existing regional fleet, comprising 9,000 units, with HERFUSE solutions is projected to occur between 2035 and 2050. Despite the anticipated growth in air traffic and regional market share, this ambitious fleet renewal, each unit costing an average of 20 million euros, is poised to generate a staggering financial turnover exceeding 135 billion euros.

The environmental impact of this paradigm shift is equally compelling. Assuming a 75% fleet renewal by 2050 with HERFUSE solutions, there is a promising prospect of reducing CO2 emissions by up to 90%. This bold initiative not only addresses the imperative for sustainable aviation but also stands as a testament to the economic viability and global significance of HERFUSE in shaping a greener and more efficient future for the aviation industry.


Forge robust connections with European Partnerships for Clean Aviation, as the project team actively engages in collaborative endeavors. This synergy guarantees alignment with broader Clean Aviation initiatives, promoting a united effort toward sustainable aviation solutions.